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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Dream World

Big or little dreams. Doesn't matter. Takes energy. There are those who "dream up" stuff all the time. They can't imagine or dream of an existence without the constant stream of dreams running through their heads.

New dreams, old dreams, borrowed dreams, wacky dreams, pedestrian dreams... worthy and unworthy dreams.

Then there are those who ride with the dreamer and the dream. They sign on, just to see if the dream goes anywhere interesting. Sometimes you find that these "hitchers" stay for the duration, but they can easily bail when things get weird or heavy or the dream takes a detour.

And then there are those who can't wait to shoot holes in the dream. That is their one and only purpose it seems. Maybe because they have problems with their own dream factory. So they shoot and sabotage and nit-pick, and basically harass the dreamer with the intention of squashing the dream like a little bug.

And it's easy to kill off a dream. So dreams are basically crashing and burning all the time. But a good dreamer just keeps on plugging. Kind of like nature itself, always making new copies to see if anything will stick.

And the dreamer learns, and refines and if he's a good dreamer he sees the playing field and relishes the opportunity to foil the anti-dreamers!

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