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Vote Blue 2020

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mixing Session #7

This one was extra-ordinary. We're in the recording studio, talking about our track "Factory of Dreams." Not sure if it's good enough to actually make the disc. We recorded it twice, once with the full band, once with just vocals, bass and guitar.

It's kind of a hushed moody track. Anyway, we all thought it needed something extra to make it fly. So our recording engineer, who also happens to be an amazing guitar player (think the Edge, think Robert Fripp, think Frank Zappa) pulls out a Steinberger guitar (a very strange looking guitar, made from some "composite" material) which he just happened to have on loan, plugs it into his little pedal board and starts "painting" in sonic colors.

It was cool. It was breath-taking. Sort of sounded like a pedal steel guitar. A big sound. A sound of canyons and sunsets. Adding a completely new dimension to our little song. We mixed it down, and suddenly our little song found a place on the disc for sure.

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