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Monday, November 30, 2009

L.A. Diary - Day Six

The days are flying by, doing things we've never done before, in places we've never been.

We've sort of "broken the routine" which is one way to look at the world with new eyes.

Went to Palm Springs. Came back.

Our hostess is one of the sweetest, most generous people I've ever met.

We are lucky.

Went to a wonderful dinner party, had superb vegetarian chile with some great friends.

We go from one genial haze to another.

Not a lot of time to think, or worry, the newspaper seems like a lifeless thing in my hands.

The stories seem to be about another time and place.

Worlds away.

I'm still sort of like a stone, skipping across the water, wondering if and when I stop, then what?!

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