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Sunday, November 29, 2009

L.A. Diary - Day Five

We hit the road to Palm Springs. Big, snow-capped mountains. A large wind farm. Pulled into the Ace Hotel. It's a trip. Maybe used to be an old HoJos or something. The food is great, the rooms are funky and comfortable. Some weird 70's motif.

The pool is warm. The air is cool. Reading Okervil River's tour diary.

I borrowed an Epiphone acoustic guitar from the lobby, and the Lovely Carla and I worked out a song last night. Sort of a celtic, drone thing. I love when the songs flow.

We're hanging round the pool this morning. The sun dancing in and out of clouds. The whole itinerary has been worked out by our hostess. We're just going with the flow. It's kind of an amazing journey. Like it's all been worked out for us and we just do the steps that have already been laid out in the future.

Kind of strange, but it's all good too. I am a feather waiting for the next stiff blast of wind.

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