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Saturday, November 28, 2009

L.A. Diary - Day Four

I woke up in L.A. living someone else's life:

Eating someone else's food
Sleeping in someone else's bed
Driving someone else's car
Listening to someone else's music
Reading someone else's paper
Blogging on someone else's computer

And what is a man?

I'm a fish out of water
kind of flopping around
on the shoreline
gasping for air.

It's kind of scary
and exhilarating.

Am I me or someone else?
All the evidence points to
a major identity crisis
but I have evolved (or is it devolved)
into some very specific, crusty

I'm a character actor
searching for a role
that would support
all my particular quirks and foibles.

I don't think that film
is gonna get the greenlight


  1. I am hoping against hope to get tickets to Sunday night's Laker game. If I get them, I will call you, pick you up, and take you to see them beat the crap out of the Nets - who are 0 and 16 right now. Yikes! Anyway, cross your fingers for the free tix. My friend/neighbor always has impressive seats, when he gets them.

  2. dear god - too bad it didn't work out. still i love the thought. still in l.a. monday then leaving tuesday afternoon. if it works lets get together somewhere for a cup of tea!


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