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Monday, August 04, 2008

Mind is a Battlefield - Who Wins?

I heard this story on the radio over the weekend about epilepsy patients who for some reason had their brains severed into two parts. It was some kind wack experiment.

At first, no one noticed any obvious effects. Then it became clear that the two hemispheres of the brain were actually in conflict. A patient would open a book to read, and then they'd slam the book shut. One side of the brain wanted to read, the other didn't.

The conclusion was that this kind of conflict is always with us. But a normally functioning brain is able to sort of referee the conflict between the two hemispheres. Now as I write this, I think, "Did I really hear this story on the radio over the weekend?"

One side of my brain says "Yes you did." The other says, "This is total B. S. you are conjuring a tale!"

I could probably Google it - and in fact one hemisphere is lobbying to Google it right now, the other is saying "Forget it. Get yourself another cup of coffee and move along."

I opt for the coffee.

Does this explain that bi-polar phenomenon everyone talks about? Maybe, maybe not. Is there a pattern here or is everything disconnected?

Yes, no, whatever, nevermind.


  1. For the record, both sides of my brain are in total accord over opting for coffee.


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