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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Reggies Music Joint

I don't want to jinx our band WWSP, but I can't help but blog about our great rehearsal last night in preparation for our show tonight at Reggies Music Joint. Some how, some way, we scored a prime time Saturday night show tonight at one of the hottest music clubs in Chicago.

So we all gathered at the drummer's house last night to run through our catalog of songs and see what really flies. We have almost 20 original songs now that we can pull out, but depending on the tides, the alignment of the stars, or whatever, some come across better than others - it depends on the collective vibe!

We're figuring on playing some of our more rocking out type numbers. Come out blazing. The Lovely Carla has a stream of consciousness narrative called "Crow," that lets the band sort of vamp behind her with maximum groove. It all came together last night. We're gonna open with that one. Wonder if we can catch lightening in a bottle again?

Anyway, last night's session was some kind of breakthrough. Bass, drums, guitar, vocals we were all there in the moment and it was powerful. What a beautiful alchemy.

UPDATE: Here's a little bit of Carla's "Crow."

Crow you been fumbling with the flowers of faith
knocking down a path along that shivering corridor
For God’s sake Crow, you of all had good reason!
When the leaky blade entered the steel grave
When the soldier's trance monkeyed with the ghost,
you had to enter the wisdom vision


  1. Is that The Lovely Carla in the hat to the right of this post?

  2. hi god - yes, that is the lovely carla!


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