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Friday, August 01, 2008

Anywhere in Albion

Hey I read newspapers. And in the papers, this guy over in England, Peter Doherty is just a wreck. Always being picked up for drugs. In and out of rehab. Hanging out with Supermodels. The same old hum-drum cliche rock and roll story. Blah, blah, blah.

Doherty used to be in a band called the Libertines, (they were and are quite good) and now he fronts a band called Babyshambles. What I didn't know is that Doherty is quite the lyrical singer-songwriter. He may be a wreck, but he's got an undefinable something. Nice voice, a doomy, poetic sensibility. Here's a beautiful song called "Albion." I kind of like the way the guitar goes badly out of tune at the end of the song, I like the rough edges. Nice.

"We'll go to Bedtown, Oldham, Nunthorpe, Rowlam, Bristol Aaa-nywhere in Albion Anywhere in Albion Anywhere in Albion Anywhere in Albion Anywhere in Albion..."

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