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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"You got the yay-yo?" - Tony Montana

Did Karl Marx foresee this?

Hedge fund managers living the life of Tony Montana? I know that the De Palma directed, Oliver Stone scripted "Scarface," with the great Al Pacino, is a touchstone film for many in the Hip Hop community, but when our Titans of Finance are living the lurid, cocaine-fueled high-life, frolicking with male dancers named "Tiger," ending up dead, face down in a swimming pool, you have to wonder if maybe our capitalistic paradise has reached some kind of decadent apotheosis.

I mean, it used to be our drug lords, our rock stars, would be expected to spontaneously combust. When our lawyers and financiers are following a script conjured by Oliver Stone, well, maybe the end times for this capitalized beast really are near.

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