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Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Us Baby!

Paul Krugman blogs about carbon dioxide here. I don't own a car, I don't eat meat, I recycle, I now have my own cup when I go to the coffee shop, I use cloth bags when I go to the grocery store, I turn off the lights and the computer when I leave the house. Much of this is thanks to the Lovely Carla's strong environmental evangelism. Still, I know this is nothing, not even a drop of water in the great ocean.

As Al Gore tells us, some kind of massive collective action is required. A lot of shit is gonna change big time when all the polar ice melts, and we kill off species left and right. We have destroyed, are destroying our ecosystem. We evolved out of this ecosystem, everything has a "job" everything is connected. We are killing ourselves. It's a slow, massive suicide. And it's our own arrogance, ignorance and ridiculous greed that drives this forward.

Fucking amazing!

And well, our great leaders dither or worse, actually, intentionally, drag their feet on this issue. Maybe it's too big? I don't buy it. It goes against the free market capital religion. Somehow the great free market will somehow miraculously fix this, and we'll all make shit loads of money. That's how it goes right? What a load of shit. We need collective action. We need regulation, targets, priorities. Smacks of "socialism?" Whatever.

I do think Al Gore is the prophet in the wilderness. The problem is, the wilderness is shrinking around us and it will disappear. We will drown, we will starve, we will roast. Somehow the planet will adjust. Don't worry, the planet will survive this, but the people, well that's another fucking story. And we can't blame some god here, it ain't the devil's doing. It's us baby, we are the fucking culprits!

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