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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Das Kapital!

When it comes money, I'm fairly clueless. I mean, it seems to flow, sometimes it rushes, sometimes it trickles. I make it, I spend it. It's the fuel that drives the engine of this industrial/technological beast. It's seems you can never have enough of the green.

When I make more, I spend more, when I make less, I spend less. I fill my life up with the stuff that I buy with the green. And well, I know you can't eat money, but you can eat the stuff that money can buy.

It's seems capitalism is the true world religion. All of us on this planet are now basically congregants in the Church of the Buck. So, living in the Capital of Capital, the land of milk and honey, the land of the free and home of the brave, one would think that the Big Money Boys, the bankers, the wall street masters of the financial world would know the ways of capital.

I mean, the Bankers are kind of like our holy men, our wise elders, the keepers of the oracle. Now to read about the "sub-prime" housing market, one begins to wonder if even these wise guys lost their heads. Go over to Eschaton (see the link on the right) if you want to glean a little more insight, frankly a lot of this is over my head, but it seems like there's a financial mess (Atrios calls it the "big shitpile") a ton of worthless loans that total billions and billions of dollars, and money is evaporating like the rain. The rain-makers are now the rain-takers.

There are a bunch of wise guys who made a shit load of money on basically total shit. Now that's capitalism at it's finest, don't ya think? But really, if we can't even trust the Bankers to be smart with their bucks and to get the ways of money right (or maybe they got it right for awhile - "money for nothing, chicks for free!"), I mean, hot damn, who can we trust?

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