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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Be Aware, Be Awake!

Sometimes I think we can all sort of hypnotize ourselves into the "humdrumness" of our lives. We adopt a routine and try to reduce the world to a simple, understandable set of actions and thoughts. We do this individually and collectively. We work synergistically, the more of us who do it together the more powerful it all is, we create a force shield or a blanket of sameness, of comfort, that insulates us, (or at least we hope so - sort of the safety of the herd mentality thing right?), and we gain a sense of stability in the day to dayness of our existence.

Of course, sometimes, one can step out from behind the shield and see that this is all illusory. We are always dancing on the precipice (can fall off anytime), walking a razor's edge, a super-sharp edge that cuts and divides, and makes us bleed. Bleeding is the first step to oblivion.

Now it's possible that as a survival mechanism (less stress, heart attacks, mental breakdowns), we need that humdrumness, at least up to a point. Every one of our evolutionary tools that help us survive, can also be a weapon of our destruction. The old, double-edge sword. Is there really any other kind? There's a certain beauty in the contradictory doubleness of everything.

Sometimes it may be beneficial to shake off the humdrumness. But then it all gets really scary. Finally all we are left with is: be aware, be awake! And then one wonders if that's really gonna be enough...

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