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Friday, June 01, 2007

Maybe I'm Amazed Too

Yesterday morning I read this week's New Yorker article on Paul McCartney. This is a man who has been in my consciousness since that famous debut on Ed Sullivan, oh so long ago. McCartney is now approaching 65, which is some kind of milestone. I loved the article, eventhough it sort of made me sad and inspired me at the same time, it gives a little sense of what comprises a day or two in Sir Paul's daily existence, working on music in the studio, dealing with fans and the press, talking about the Beatles and Lennon and age and death and what the hell happened, and what's it all about.

Talking about the Beatles, McCartney says this: "What are the odds that those four guys would find each other?" It's one of those haunting questions. What was it about those four lads, in that particular moment? Could it have only been them? Life is like that - perfect, irrevocable - it almost seems like destiny. Maybe it is/was destiny. And well, all you can do is sit back and be amazed by the twists and turns of a life - yours and those you know.

The first year Lennon & McCartney wrote songs together (they were teenagers) they came up with 100 songs. Only two of them ("Love Me Do," and "One After 909") ever made it to vinyl. Now isn't that just fantastic? Two creative souls, driving each other, collaborating - and the music came out in waves. What a unique, beautiful thing to share.

You get the sense that McCartney himself is amazed by it all too. And yes, he's older and we are too...and well yes, it is amazing.

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