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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Ego-Maniac, the Hippie, the Rock God, Baby Big Bang*

Yesterday was a very fun (sometimes fun IS what it's cracked up to be - although for me it's usually when I'm engaged in the good work of the creative process, either music or theater) and productive day. I met with two other Telepaths and we worked on a new song called "What is the What." It's a really cool song, which we'll be posting soon. It's a rocker with a twist. We have some horns on it, and some Brian Wilson-style harmonies and mutliple guitars and well, we have a unique process at work (using home computers and Apple's free music program Garageband).

TPM our vocalist and primary song-writer comes up with a lyric, I come up with a chord progression, Big Bang our drummer adds drums and then the Rock Star Cory H. adds the musical magic. I mean he's an unbelievable musical force. With TPM and I looking over his shoulder yesterday, he whipped out a melodic, McCartney-style bass line, he added a couple of guitar flourishes and then some heavenly backup and harmony vocals. It was all flow, baby. I think once the final mix-down is complete it will be one of our finest tracks. It's "only rock and roll and I like it."

So, yes, it was a satisfying day. In the evening the Lovely Carla and I continued our supremely enriching and enjoyable ritutal of watching a great DVD and sharing an excellent bottle of wine. Last night the perfect combo was "Hustle & Flow," and a Paraiso Pinot Noir. Was it excellent? Well, as per the movie, "Is a pig's pussy pork?"

It is hard out here for pimp, but everyone's gotta to have a dream...

Yes, indeedy.

*The Who's nicknames were (Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy), these are Telepaths' nicknames (an ex-band-member tried to disparage us with these characterisations...I say wear them like medals!)...your humble servant dumps/sunny would be "the hippie!"

P.S. By the way, did you ever hear the OsMutantes? I discovered them a number of years back. I have their disc, "Everything is Possible." It's psychedelic Brazilian music with a dash of madness and Beatles melodicism and well thanks to David Byrne's Luka Bop label they are back in circulation. I'm listening this morning and it's just great music. You should search it out. You won't be disappointed!

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