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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Look Out, You've Been Spooked!

Yesterday the CIA did a document dump of info called "the family jewels." Supposedly, it details some of the really, really bad shit this agency has done in it's storied past (in this case we're talking the 1960's and 70's) in the name of freedom. The dump is the result of a Freedom of Information request. Not sure if we're seeing everything (most likely not - there's nothing on their hit on JFK!) and supposedly much of the juiciest stuff is "redacted." But there is stuff about assasination, torture, kidnapping, domestic spying, mind control, and drug experiments on unsuspecting citizens. So in order to fight evil (since most of this stuff is from the "cold war" years in this case "evil" means commies, dirty hippies, student leftists, peaceniks - that means you too Mr. Lennon - I mean come on what kind of commie shit you talking? "Give peace a chance?" Balderdash!) the CIA had to "take the gloves off" and well, "muss their hair a little."

There was a program called, yes, I kid you not, "CHAOS." CIA agents grew their hair long and infiltrated the hippie communes, and the peace rallies - they were probably the same dudes who shunned pot and swilled martinis and shagged the chicks, fondled guns and called for revolution by any means.

There's also a little tidbit about Sam Giancana (Chicago Mobster - ended up with a bullet in the head on his garage floor - just before he was to testify about the JFK hit - yes the same Giancana that shared a shag with JFK - a woman by the name of Judith Exner) who the CIA was employing in it's effort to whack Fidel Castro. There was a whole contingent of pissed off Mobsters who got kicked out of Havana when Fidel came down from the mountains and well, the CIA reached out to said Mobsters for a little assassin assistance. Now whether this then became a classic "blowback" situation, who knows? But the failed Bay of Pigs invasion left a whole bunch of CIA and Mob guys pissed off at JFK and dudes like Johnny Roselli and yes, Lee Harvey Oswald (ex-marine) who both spent time in Cuba, later surfaced (Roselli and Jack Ruby were friends) after a big event came down in Dallas in 1963.

So anyway I guess Giancana ended up sharing other girls too - did he have some kind of problem? There's a story about Giancana (remember he was working for spooks at the same time he was tending to his own Mob business - he was a made man!) asking the CIA to put Dan Rowan (yes, that Dan Rowan - he was later the straight man, the guy with the pipe on that TV show Rowan & Martin - "sock it to me!") under survelliance, because he was shagging Giancana's other girlfriend Phyllis McGuire. What a fucking tangled web! So we got our spooks running around Vegas, trying to catch Dan Rowan in el flagrante delicto (or as Bill Murray used to put it in the "mayonnaise stage") and all for the glory and honor of the Motherland! I mean shit, don't you just have to Love Big Brother?!?

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