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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Prophets Intervene

Slept in this morning. I notice if we sleep in, get up gradually, the coffee tastes even better. I truly do have a monkey on my back, but I'm willing to give him a ride anytime.

So, I'm sipping coffee and I rifle through a stack of cds and put on the Dylan soundtrack from his movie, "Masked and Anonymous." Some great cuts from artists all over the world, plus Dylan and one of his better bands. At the same time, with Dylan ringing in my ears, I'm paging through the NYTimes and come across this notice about the current Pope's qualms about having Dylan sing to Italian youth back in 1997:

POPE NO DYLAN FAN - In his book, "John Paul II, My Beloved Predecessor," Pope Benedict writes without further explanation, "there was reason to be skeptical - I was, and in a certain sense still am - to doubt if it was really right to let these types of prophets intervene."

Well, I can feature a skeptical Pope, and I do believe you have to pick and choose your Jewish prophets wisely. I'm willing to let Bobby Dylan intervene any ole time. I've never seen him walk on water, or turn water into wine, or raise the dead, I don't think he will die for my sins, but man he knows how to spin up a great lyric, some of his lines are indelibly etched into my brain. And hell, the dude can rock out too. I mean Jesus might have been a holy roller, but I don't think he was much of a rock and roller

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