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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The First Time Farce, the Second Time Farce

Yes, well, President Pissy Pants is starting to sound very Nixonian over this fired Attorneys scandal. His little temper tantrum press conference just makes one think that there's more dirt to be found under the carpet. This rings so many bells for me. Watergate started with a little break-in at Larry O'Brien's office. A little nothing break-in. The toxic Nixon empire crumbled; a sweating, shifty-eyed Nixon slowly dissovled right before our eyes. Little Bush just continues to shrink before us. As the years have gone on, he has become a smaller and smaller speck of a man. As one commentator (I forget who), said, "not only the worst president ever, but also a miserable excuse for a human being." He's such a little cry-baby. The more he gets mad and stamps his feet, the more you know he's fucking guilty (let me count the ways). I would hope that every dead American and dead Iraqi will come back and haunt his empty little brain cavity (not likely - there's no sign of life in there), at night. The first time tragedy, the second time farce. In this case, it's farce to farce - but shit, the joke (as always) is on us.

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