Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Living is Easy with Eyes Closed." - J. Lennon

This quote comes from an article in the NY Times about how the U.N. has overstepped it's bounds, how it needs to re-configure itself and again become subservient to countries like the U.S. China, and India. "It's as if national interests are by definition base and narrow and mean-spirited. Somehow, if you are a global citizen, that is superior to being a patriot."

Well, pardon me, but isn't that exactly right - a global citizen, (at least in concept) is far superior to a patriot (remember patriotism - the last refuge of a scoundrel)? Maybe the U.N. has not done a great job as the champion of the global citizen, (see the Sudan, see Rwanda, see the Oil for Food Program) but yes, part of the march of 'globalism,' requires that citizens begin to look beyond the narrow concerns of 'national interests.'

Is it possible? Well, sure. There should be a few obvious global touchstones: no to torture, no to genocide, yes to basic human/worker rights, yes to environmental protection and sustainability. It's seems to me a simple act of imagination: to envision a new world. "I'll let you be in my dream, if I can be in yours." - B. Dylan

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