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Sunday, March 13, 2005

"The Harold" -- Del Close

This is the way it goes: I get up early Sunday morning, flip on the radio, start making the coffee, and I hear a guy, who is both a Quantum Physicist and a Christian Theologian. He explains that his perspective 'transcends,' both science and religion. He (I didn't catch his name) conjures an image of a god who set up a universe that is in the process of becoming. It is a creation populated with creatures (from microbes, teutonic plates, to people) that creates itself. Cancer and concentratin camps can exist in this world, because the shadow side of freedom and free will, is suffering, horror, pain, etc.

Darwin's dangerous idea ("I've got nothing to hide, cept me and my monkey!") fits in this universe of becoming, it's a mechanism of improvisation. God is not lazy, incompetant, no, he is almighty, but hey, he just can't be bothered with the details (a baby dies in it's crib - boo hoo!). So it's all up to us. We are becoming too. We are improvisers without a script, we're in a comedy with tragic overtones, or maybe a tragedy with comedic episodes. Well, if it's all improvisation, one of the key rules as an improviser is to always say yes. 'No,' stops the action, 'yes,' furthers it. It is our job to keep the action moving forward.

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