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Vote Blue 2020

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Search...

Son Volt: "It's the search not the find." What are we searching for? Excitement, drama, inspiration, meaning, purpose, love, understanding, fun, adventure. I mean, what have you got?

Is the "search" inside, or out there somewhere? Let the Buddhas and wise guys fight it out.

As per Dylan we are not "looking for" ourselves, we are creating ourselves, daily. What will we be up to today? Early morning is usually a hopeful time, the coffee is flowing, music too.

I hear a war may be brewing, a very unsteady, indecisive, unreliable, narcissistic, neurotic, supremely damaged and ignorant man is debating the pros and cons of another conflict. On the other side you have a bunch of black-robed Ayatollahs. Yikes. Crazy that the world is in the hands, subject to the whims, of such misguided, under-prepared, unworthy fools. Such is the way of the human thing.

Disturbing? Yes. Very. Still, we must carry on. Do the things we do, the things we must do, just because we must. It's sort of a Samuel Beckett thing. Oh so human, doing human things. Despite the idiocy, despite all the little absurdities, despite the fear of failure and futility.  Meaning, purpose, inspiration, creativity, we want to hang on to a few solid ideas, even if we are making them up as we go. Damn the torpedoes.

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