Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Tuesday, February 05, 2019


The dichotomy to be seen, to be unseen.

Pop Culture & Capitalism try to make us believe that only what is seen, what can be viewed, touched, poked, prodded, purchased and consumed is real, (see previous post). Uncountable Wealth, Fame, Fortune, are promised to those who are seen by the most eyeballs.

This is a lie in our space, a lie in the public consciousness.

The unseen is just as real, just as important, most likely much more important to our lives and well-being. Think of all the unseen things, all the hard to envision, hard to grasp phenomena that make life worth living: Love, Grace, Compassion, Soul, Meditation, Prayer, Imagination, Day-Dreams, all that we feel, the endless thought-streams running thru our heads. The life of the Unseen offers a different path, away from the herd, away from all the needing, wanting, grasping of the teeming masses. There are also riches to be found in the Land of the Unseen: Peace of Mind. Clarity. Vision. Intuition. Humility. Creativity.

Some of us are lucky. We can easily find our way into a deep, welcoming solitude. We can be happy living in the world of the unseen. And when we do come out to face the world of the seen, we are careful about what we reveal, we are careful of what we choose to do, and who we choose to spend our time with. We have no problem saying No. Or saying Yes. But those decisions come from a deep calm center within.

There is something about having a Sacred Space, in your mind and body, which you can retreat to in a blink of an eye. Unseen.

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