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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Certain Gentleness!

How about a little of that Vince Lombardi 
Spiritual, Go-Go, Happy Talk?

If you cling to pain, anger, hate,
if that is what you
show to the world,
you will be shown
pain, anger & hate
in return.

If you match
anger with anger,
hate with hate,
pain with pain,
you will live & die
in a world
of anger, hate & pain.

The only way to heal
is to embrace
love, grace, compassion,

Best to try to
embrace & cultivate
a certain gentleness
with your self and
the world of other selves.

Not easy to do,
but essential.

It is difficult to show love
in the face of hate,
to show joy & good feeling,
in the face of pain & anger
but that is the only
good & healthy
way forward.

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