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Monday, February 11, 2019

DIY - Rock and Roll!


I forgot to write a blog post yesterday. I was up late the previous night putting on a rock and roll show. Our band is so DIY. We do it all ourselves. For the show we brought and setup our own P.A. We brought in our own sound guy. We ran the cables, we set up the mics, we helped set the EQ levels, we attached the iPod loaded with all the tracks and artists in our iTunes music library for the pre-show, post-show and between acts times. We organized the acts, we put together two unique lineups of our band: two different rhythm sections, two violins, an additional guitar player. We reached out and got the other acts on the bill to join us. We brought refreshments and snacks. We helped arrange the stage and prepped the little storefront where the show took place. We chatted up the audience and did all the promoting to get folks to come out, we sold our cds, our t-shirts, collected the $. Passed the hat for donations too. It was a "sold-out" affair. Over-capacity. Stuffed to the gills. We actually had to turn some folks away. That never happened before. It was quite the extraordinary show. When it was over, we were the last to leave. Had to pack up the P.A. pick up the cables, take the stage setup apart and load it all out. DIY. It's empowering, but kind of exhausting too.

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