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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Intellectual Darkness & Barbarity!"

Everything seems slightly wrong. Some things feel majorly wrong. Weird times. You are living your life, trying to get along, doing your thing, but there is this general drift of wrongness. You are carried along in a big stream, a larger trend, the planet is getting more and more crowded, people are getting crazier & needier. Maybe too much concentrated energy. Density.

You know, there must have been some happy folks, some wild parties, during the Dark Ages, but Darkness was the major theme. Maybe this is an echo of that earlier time? 500 AD - 1000 AD. "Intellectual darkness and Barbarity!" Hopefully it's a blip, a mistake, a slight detour. We can right the wrong. I'm sure. I mean, I think, I mean, I hope.

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