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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We Become What We Love & Hate!

Maybe we become what we Love and Hate. Maybe we wear our love and hatred inside and outside of our bodies. Life is this process. We are constantly becoming. Our DNA, our Genetic Entity has a blue-print, a plan, and our bodies are continually evolving, going through the steps in each stage of our lives.

We grow, we age. We become one thing, then another, then another. I think everything counts. Every thought, every breath, every heartbeat. So yes, there is the physical instrument that we inhabit, and then there is the thought-train we conjure, and the spirit we embody. Each of these create us, make us, who we are.

So, right. Love and Hate... what we love and hate... we wear those things like a cloak. And that cloak actually seeps into us, leaches into our bones. That's what I think...

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