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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Key To Everything...

In my Universe, there is a center. What is that center? The Good Work. What is the Good Work?" The creative life: art, music, dance, poetry, theater, literature, performance.

I have spent much of my life pursuing and carrying on the Good Work. It's best when it totally consumes me. Or I totally commit to it, when I put every fiber of my being into the Good Work.

The Good Work isn't always good. I mean, sometimes it falls short, or gets side-tracked. Mainly it fails when I don't bring the right amount of energy and dedication to the table. Usually this is not intentional.

How to be totally present? In the moment? Every moment? Not easy. But essential.

To do the Good Work you need a single-minded focus. A crystal-clear intention. Complete, total dedication. You drop your ego and plunge into the work.

You never quite get there. You glimpse the Promised Land, it's out there, you just know it. And that's what keeps you working. That and the doing. The doing is the doing, and that's the secret of the Good Work. You can only get there by doing, and the doing is the key to everything.

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