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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Corporations vs. People!

Corporations. Corporations vs. People. 

Corporation - "an association of individuals." "A group of persons united in one body."

Why is it, how is it, that people united in one body will work to destroy life for other people? They will pollute and destroy, they will produce junk, total garbage, to get a pay-check, to increase the value of a stock.

People do extraordinarily terrible things united under the banner of corporation. This morning I hear a correspondent from France, talking about a "free trade agreement." He tells me that the French are horrified by the American Food Industry.

Americans "wash their chicken with chlorine, they pump antibiotics into their beef, they consume massive quantities of genetically-modified vegetables."

Americans. We sound like freaking food Barbarians.Why? To glorify the Corporation. To increase the bottom line. Do we short-circuit our own brains, our own souls, when we work for the corporation? Corporate Man. An abomination. Who do we think we are?

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