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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Repetition Enchants the Brain!

If you play music, in a band, like I do, (whitewolfsonicprincess & The Telepaths), you know. And/or if you love music and listen to music, intensely, religiously, you know.

Music is a branch of magic. "The repetition itself becomes the important thing; it's a form of mesmerism."

I have marveled at how essential and all-consuming music has loomed in my life. From a very, very young age. Yes, indeed, music "enchants the brain."

I have lately wondered if other musicians/bands love to play music, and to rehearse as much as we do. They must. I find the process almost like a form of worship. It can transform a mood, a feeling, a day, a week. It can, and it will, transform you as a being.  It helps that we play with extraordinarily excellent musicians. It helps that everyone is committed to the work.

Yes, it's also rewarding to play in front of people, an audience, but it turns out that it isn't essential. The communication between the musicians, sitting in a room, working intensely together, establishing a secret, nonverbal relationship is an essentially rewarding phenomena. 

Yes, and the repetition takes you "out of time." Working in a room with others takes you "out of yourself." It is a sacred thing. Even if you are just banging out ugly, wanky garage rock, or if you are playing beautifully lyrical and rhythmic songs. Seems, really that the content doesn't matter so much. The form of the ritual is everything. Magic. A conjuring. Enchanting.

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