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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Obama and the Emanuel African Methodist Flock will Deepen Your Heart!

Yesterday morning I watched Barack Obama's speech/eulogy at the Emanuel African Methodist Church in South Carolina. I can't imagine a more difficult speech to give; to look into the eyes of the victim's families, to stand up and deliver those words, to do it with such intelligence, love and grace. Extraordinary. Inspiring.

I recommend that you watch the complete speech. Take 37 mins out of your life. Don't just get a summary, don't watch sound-bites, don't experience this through a media filter, watch the whole thing from start to finish. It's more than worth it. Obama's words are beautiful and devastating, and inspiring. The man talks the talk, and walks the walk. Not only is he a great President, but he's a great human being.  And an exemplary man.

And the congregation is totally with the man. I don't consider myself a "weepie" type person, but I was totally "destroyed" by this speech. The tears came down like rain. Sometimes events open your eyes. This is the kind of event that opens your heart. Deepens your heart. Very, very, necessary.

I cried for the victims. I cried for all of us. I cried because Obama and the church-goers show us such grace, and love, and forgiveness, and strength, and belief in a better world, a better human species.

And I cried because I'm not sure that I have that much forgiveness, that much grace, that much love, that much strength in my own being. But I am trying, I am working on it...

And we all need to get in touch with our own "reservoir of love."

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