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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Christ of Celebrity vs. The Anti-Christ of Celebrity!

I am not qualified to evaluate Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Lately, they are totally ubiquitous - new record, new HBO series, Grohl is popping up everywhere you look. I haven't actually been able to make it through a complete Foo Fighters record. It's not that they are that "bad," just not that interesting. My eyes glaze over mid-record. I just find Dave and his band so generic. They are bland. They are tame. They are just so "stock." No risks, no edge. No surprises. Big chords, slamming drums, quiet verses, big rousing choruses.  Every song seems to fit a template. Well-made, workman-like music. Obviously that's what lots of people want from their rock and rollers. Who am I to dispute it?

I don't really want to knock Dave Grohl, he is a monster drummer, (see his work with Them Crooked Vultures, and of course Nirvana), and he is charismatic, he comes across as a very likable, totally personable guy. It looks like he loves being a rock and roll star.  He's rich, famous, and doing what he wants to do. And he can command an arena filled with screaming, joyously delirious fans.  I have watched some videos of their live show - and I'm always amazed how everyone seems to love the band and their songs.

I can't love or hate them.  I just yawn…

I do think it's kind of ironic that Dave has become the antithesis of his early bandmate Kurt Cobain. Kurt was sort of the "Anti-Christ of Celebrity," Dave is kind of the "Christ of Celebrity." Kurt hated being a famous person. Dave seems to excel and revel in it. Seems that Kurt kind of hated his life and his self, Dave seems love his life and his self. You would much rather be Dave Grohl than Kurt Cobain! Dave's life looks like it's a lot more fun and fulfilling, but I'd much rather listen to Kurt. Everything that tortured little dude did was interesting, compelling, sometimes thrilling. Every Nirvana record is worth spending time with. Foo Fighters? Not so much!

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