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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"All that Glitters is Not Gold." - Wm. Shakespeare

Yes, well, Robert Plant's post-Zeppelin career really is an amazing musical journey. I think he's grown to be an even more interesting, powerful and inspiring musical force. I love how he is always evolving, looking for new musical partners. He's done great work with Alison Krauss, T-Bone Burnett, Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, and now the Sensational Space Shifters. Listen to how Plant uses his voice - he sings so softly and delicately... a lesson.

If you would have told me that I would be head over heels for Plant's later career music I would not have believed it. Some of his early Rock-God work seemed a little bit overwrought. Although, in retrospect, it's hard to find a flaw in the Zeppelin catalog.

The other remarkable thing? He's walked away from some serious cabbage. Richard Branson offered Plant/Page/Jones $800 million dollars for a 30 date Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour.  That's $300 million for Plant for 30 shows. How many people would walk away from that kind of money? Remarkable!

Instead, Plant wants to write new music, explore sounds with other collaborators, and play in small venues, and just do his own thing!  Seems the music, and the muse is more important.  But maybe not so surprising. Plant always had a Tolkien fixation... and remember: "All that is gold does not glitter."

Which was an inversion of Shakespeare's "All that glitters is not gold."

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