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Sunday, November 24, 2013

We are The Gods And Devils

"Yes, of course, we had to invent all of these religions, to help us process how the world works. We invented Gods and Devils and assigned powers to them. And we imagined that they oversaw us, and cared about our comings and goings.

We had to do this, it is just too scary to think that Human Beings are running their own show.  I mean, nature conforms to the laws of nature, and Human Beings have to play by those natural laws too, but beyond that, it is Human Beings who are in charge, calling the shots.

That is truly a scary situation. We are the authorities, all of us, collectively. And most us really have our thumbs stuck firmly up our own asses. We are in charge. We call the shots. We really have to rely on each other to make the whole narrative roll out in a "compassionate" way, or not...

I mean… Holy Shit!"

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