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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Action & Reaction

In physics there is the "law of action & reaction." I think that's the case in human social interactions too. For every action there is a corresponding reaction. Now this would explain the push and pull of politics. That feeling of one step forward, one step back. Still, sometimes, it seems like there is a forward progressive movement that is sort of unfolding. And the forward movement would explain the furious counter-forces of reaction - those who cling to the old ways, the old prejudices. I root for the progressive forward movement. I think it's the way to a better world - more open, more equal, more equitable -  but I don't think it's "inevitable," and I expect there will always be the push-back. And the push-back can over-take us and derail us for years and decades. Sometimes progress comes really, really slowly. But progress is worth it, and worth fighting for...

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