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Monday, October 14, 2013

Irrational as in Not Rational!

Yes, I do think the stalemate in Washington D.C. is instructive. It kind of proves one of my favorite ideas about human behavior, that we are all essentially irrational. As in "not rational," not reasonable, not clear thinking.

Even (maybe especially) well-dressed, successful people, people of distinction and accomplishment - crazy! Now of course, there are levels of craziness. And there are ways to disguise the crazy.

People rack up degrees and awards, and reward themselves with prizes and possessions, but still, when it comes down to it, deep down, they are irrational little children.

Rationality is a game we play, a mask we wear. And we can play the game, in fact in polite society we need to "play rational," but it is a game and often the mask falls away and there is no hiding.

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