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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Both Are Essential

Maybe you are lucky, or maybe you are unlucky. Whatever. You find yourself up early, on the lakefront, and you see the sun rise over the lake. This happens every day. But you are there this morning. And the actual experience is not quite captured or completely digested by your intellect.

Yes, you know the earth rotates around the sun. And that it's all a matter of angles and circumferences, and physics. But the actual witnessing of that burning round object ascending over the lake is still mysterious, and a little awe-inspiring.

And it's funny. On the one hand it makes you feel small, just a tiny being observing this massive rotation in the sky, but on the other hand it makes you feel connected to something big and important. There is a sort of "one to one" relationship with that big burning orb that confers some kind of meaning or profundity on you too.

There is the observed, and the observer. And they are in a weird way equal. They need each other. And both are essential, at least for a few moments...

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