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Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Own Little Godzilla!

"Ironic" doesn't quite do it. Maybe "unfathomable" would work better. The one country in our world that has actually had two nuclear bombs dropped on them, the one country that understands the devastation of nuclear power better than anyone else, first-hand; that country actually convinced themselves that nuclear power could be harnessed for peaceful purposes. They convinced themselves they could build a nuclear reactor that was "fool-proof," and so they built one on the edge of the sea.

We are talking about the country that birthed "Godzilla," remember the large lizard hatched from the collective horror of radioactive contamination? That country. And well, we all have sort of gone along with this "safe nuclear farce." We have listened to those who told us that nuclear power is safe, and can easily provide us with energy. So there are nuclear reactors all over the world, generating waste that no one really knows what to do with.

Seems insane. Stupid, for sure.  And well it turns out that the story continues.  Supposedly 300 tons of radioactive water is pouring into the sea every day from that very unfortunate "nuclear disaster" that occurred on March 11, 2011! Boggles the mind. And well, what is to be done? Most people just close their eyes and try to forget.  This is an open wound, and it's contaminating our world and everything in it.

So I'm re-posting our song that was spawned by the accident. Is it in "bad taste?" I don't think so. I'd say building a nuclear reactor on the edge of the sea was in bad taste. People convincing us that nuclear power was safe is bad taste. The nuclear industry is bad taste! This is our own little "Godzilla," a reaction to the horror. A little song kick-started by the fear, the horror of nuclear contamination that threatens to engulf us. And well, it's got a nice menacing guitar riff, and I hear a little bit of X, The B52's and Yoko in there.  Rock and Roll! It's all we have to try to stare down the face of the unfathomable!

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