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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Do I really have anything to say about "twerking?"  Well, haven't they been twerking in strip clubs for years? Nothing new, except I guess, when ex-Disney stars do it on TV. And really, why is it that Miley Cyrus gets all the flack, but Robin Thicke emerges unscathed? How is it that Thicke can have young, nubile women fall all over him in various stages of undress onstage, and in his videos, but he gets to just smirk and stand around like a mannequin and pretend to be cool?

And isn't Thicke just a dork? I mean, really, take all those sexy models away and what do you have? It all seems like a "double-standard," ridiculous and unfair. And where is the line where exploitation and empowerment intersect? Is Miley being used, is this all just a continuation of being pimped for years by Disney? Isn't the whole celebrity culture a sort of exploitation? Or is it empowerment? Is Miley just empowered to use her sexuality as she sees fit?

I guess it comes down to a question of autonomy, and really, I guess, only Miley Cyrus can make the call. And Robin Thicke, yikes. It's amazing what passes for entertainment! He looked like a clueless, faux, referee in that black & white striped suit! Take your exciting as a wooden post schtick and go home dude!

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