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Monday, January 14, 2013

Locker Room Speech to the Anti-bodies!

sunnyjimmy channels the ghost of lombardi...

"Hey anti-bodies you are letting the team down. And when you let the team down, you are letting yourselves down too! This is "gut-check time." Those little germs, those measly little viruses, are wreaking havoc on our team, and you guys just aren't doing your jobs!

We need to get back to the fundamentals.  I'm gonna make you run through those tires, over and over. It's back to basics: this is a germ! This is something you attack. You take it out. You take it down. You do not let that germ do it's thing. You do not let that germ run to daylight!

What happened to our freaking immune system? Didn't anyone crack open their playbook? You are an anti-body, you have a job. Do it! We are losing this game! But we have a 2nd half.  We need to dig deep down, we need to remember why we are here. This is a battle. And we must fight.  Fight. Until there is no fight left!

Go team Go!"

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