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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The End of the Road

Some of my best ideas come from "mis-heard" lines of dialogue...  last night I thought I heard, but pretty sure I mis-heard...

"The end of the road has come and gone."

That sounds about right.  For us, as a culture, maybe as a species.  We are past the end of the road.  We still think we are on a road, but we are not.  We are beyond roads.  Maybe have been for awhile.

Now this isn't just a tale of woe and doom.  There is hope and promise beyond the end of the road.  But the rules of the road no longer apply.  If there are rules, and there might be, they will need to be discovered.  So throw out the old rule book.  And maybe look at the ground you are treading, because it's not the old road you used to tread.

Could be open field, a crooked trail with a steep, killer drop off.  Tread lightly, and be prepared to alter course in a flash, and figure everything you used to know is pretty useless now. And don't worry a whole lot about tomorrow.  You have today, or you have right now, and there are no guarantees once you get beyond the end of the road...

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