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Friday, August 17, 2012


We came home late last night, after a really good rehearsal to find a bat flying around our dining room. So freaky.  Never saw a bat close-up like that before; basically a mouse with wings.  Man could that little sucker fly.  He was swooping and diving around, probably madly searching for a way out.

We have no clue how he got in our apartment.  It was so surreal.  As I watched that little guy, I kept saying, "how did a fucking bat get in our apartment?!" There are no clear answers to that one.

Anyway, we opened the back door and kind of herded him out.  It took him awhile, and lots of swooping and circling, to find the exit, but finally, he swooped out, and then was gone.

Afterwards, we were kind of doubtful the whole thing really happened. Was there really a bat flying around our dining room and kitchen?  Seems sort of unbelievable. The Lovely Carla consulted the literature.  Seems there is conflicting info.  It's either a really good omen (that's what I'm going with), or a really bad omen (Carla is going with that).
Only the shadow knows...

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