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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Conceptual Thing...

So if the thing you're working on is "conceptual" - "of, relating to, or consisting of concepts," the thing you are working on is pretty open-ended.  And you can stuff all kind of things into the thing. There are things that go together, and things that don't go together, and well that's ok, you can put just about anything into the thing.

And those jarring transitions, those odd silences, and dead-ends; well they work just fine in your conceptual thing.  Part of the beauty of this grand conceptualizing is that everything works, even the things that "don't" work.

So: happy, sad, funny, befuddling, clunky, weird, hectoring, poetic, pointless, crude; all is fine for the conceptual thing.  And your concept of this conceptual thing is all-encompassing, it's "air-tight" and really there are "no mistakes," or yes, well, there are mistakes and wrong turns, misguided flights, but they fit perfectly in this conceptual thing.

And your concept is that all this adds up to a higher truth... a truth that underlies the whole grand edifice.  But it's all so ephemeral, the grand edifice only exists in your head, and it can evaporate in an instant, like when it's over, and the lights go up.  And it does evaporate.  That's part of the conceptual thing too...

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