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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Complexity is Good!

We live in a world of complexity.  We evolved out of complexity.   But it seems many of us crave simple solutions.  Simple solutions to complex problems.  Wouldn't it be nice?

This craving for simplicity is dangerous.  Leads to oppression.  Leads to prisons of the mind.  Leads to shackling of our imaginations and our creative impulses. 

You see the Fundamentalists of all stripes (religious and political) railing against our complex modern condition.  They propose restrictions, rules, and laws, regulating our thinking and behavior.  They want to go back to the old ways, they hit us over the head with the old books.

They appeal to us with simple "truths."  Of course, these truths are really simple, backward lies.  Lots of people find these lies attractive.  They think: better to live with bright shining lies, than the complex, disturbing truths of complexity and uncertainty.

They are wrong.  Better to live with the uncertainty.  Better to unleash the creative, imaginative impulses.  Better to accept the complexity of our situation.  Better to immerse ourselves in the complexity.  Complexity is good. Complexity is us. We can handle it.

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