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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Great Game

I keep thinking Obama has some grand strategy that is gonna kick in at any moment. So, yes, well, he has disappointed me in some profound ways, (Do I really have to enumerate them?), but hell, he didn't get elected by me alone to do my bidding.

It is painful to watch him "negotiate" with the crazy wing-nuts of the right. It's kind of like watching someone wrestle with a muddy pig. No matter how "above the fray" he tries to be, some of that piggy slop sticks to him too.

Then I think (maybe hope) that he's playing a very smart, closely held, game. Maybe he's a bunch of moves ahead of everyone else? And once all is said and done, my Missionary of Hope will emerge triumphant and my fears of him being the Missionary of Botched Compromises will turn out to be illusory.

Maybe he's not playing poker or chess, maybe he's playing Twister, or Charades, or Statues, or We All Fall Down!

UPDATE: You know "my" Obama may not really be "the" Obama. I think I'm probably more liberal than that guy with that job. My idea of hope and change, may have always been much different than that guy's idea of hope and change. I mean, he was Editor of the Harvard Law Review, and well, he is a millionaire, and he was a successful one-term Senator, and maybe I thought he would be the voice for the poor and the downtrodden, but maybe that's never really been how he saw himself. Maybe he's always considered himself the Great Compromiser, and Re-conciliator and maybe he's quite happy with the way his first term is panning out? I voted for the Symbol of the man, and I ended up with the man. So, I'm left with Hope. Hope for the best!

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