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Monday, November 22, 2010

Asian Carp Standard!

So I'm reading Ian Frazier's masterful write up on Asian Carp this morning while drinking massive amounts of coffee. At the same time, I've got the radio on, it's NPR blaring about the Debt and the Deficit.

I'm in problem-solving mode.

So I figure since we now have way more Asian Carp than we can stand, and way less dollars than we need, we will reformulate our economy to the Asian Carp standard. Let's establish a Federal Reserve of Asian Carp. Let's pay down the debt in Carp. They are silly, ugly fish and we are a silly, ugly country (at least some of the time).

Our paper currency will now be backed by Asian Carp. We are back to being wealthy and healthy and a little oily and fishy too! "Problem Solved! Next!"

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