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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm thinking I should "monetize" this blog. Jimmy Dumps disagrees. He will not participate. But Sunny Jimmy is all for it. To that end, I'd like to list some of Sunny's favorite products.

He can heartily recommend the following. If any of these companies want to slip him a little cash in return. Well, no one is stopping you...

1. Wallaby Vanilla Yogurt! - No kidding. This stuff is amazing. I can eat a whole container in one sitting. I live for this stuff. Not sure what it has to do with Australia, it's made in California, but it is creamy and delicious.

2. Intelligensia Coffee! - These guys take their coffee seriously. And it's serious stuff. I can testify to it's beneficial effects. This is rocket fuel.

3. Suhr Guitars! - I don't own a car, or a house. The finest thing I've ever owned in my life is my Suhr Classic. It's an American made Strat. Signed by John Suhr himself. And yes, there really is a John Suhr. Quality guitars. No one makes them better.

4. Beans! - Yes, beans. Legumes. Lentils. Garbanzos. Pintos. Black Beans. Kidney. Yes, beans.

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