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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Forest State of Mind

It's a long story, maybe the story of our times. A guy buys a block of buildings. He's gonna tear them down and build condos. But then the bank forecloses on the guy, he's bankrupt.

So the old building sits there unoccupied.

Then our little arts group Black Forest gets a sweet deal to occupy one of the little storefronts. In the meantime, the bank then goes belly up and the FDIC seizes it. The assets of the bank then get assigned to another bank in Ohio.

We carry on doing our thing. Shows and rehearsals, parties. Living it up! The community loves it.

Finally the bank in Ohio wakes up and decides they want everyone out. Eviction notices are posted. We go to court to get more time. The Judge gives us more time. We do our Lennon Bash, the best event ever.

And now we have to vacate. So this weekend we are taking it all down. Lights, fabric, projector, musical equipment. Everything must go. And then it's just an empty space. May sit there empty for a long time. Still, once we vacate (flee!) it's just a little, sort of shabby space, a dingy little storefront - a tiny little void in the hood.

It was really the vibe we filled it with that was extraordinary. It was us. We filled it. Our art our music, our creative vibe! The people who came to share that vibe made it something...

So now we exit. We are on the hunt for the next space to fill. Where do we bring that vibe next? The Black Forest State of Mind is a mobile thing! What location do we haunt? Where will we land?

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