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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking the World By Storm One Song at a Time!

The band I'm in with the Lovely Carla is called WhitewolfSonicPrincess. Kind of catchy don't you think? I had this wild idea one morning that we'd be a hip-hop duo. It didn't actually work out that way. We write songs together, usually the Lovely Carla comes up with the lyrics, I write the music, and then we put it together and see if it works.

I guess it all comes out more alternative rock/folk, singer-songwriter kind of stuff. We've been favorably compared to the Cowboy Junkies, someone else told us we sounded like Neutral Milk Hotel. I don't know. Everyone wants to label you as something, or compare you to something, and well, that's okay, I mean we are working within the confines of some kind of genre. And we are influenced by everything we hear.

Music is funny that way. You don't make up the chords or notes, they are a given. Certain chords go really well together. Certain notes strung together make a melody. The challenge is to find something new in the familiar. And since we are all unique beings we just do things in unique ways. When I pick up my guitar and start strumming, it sounds very jimmydumps/sunny jimmy. Someone else playing my guitar sounds completely different. Unexplainable.

Same thing with the human voice. What an amazingly expressive instrument. When the Lovely Carla sings I hear echoes of other singers, but really her voice is her own.

Anyway, the band has evolved and grown. It's a four piece. We have an amazing drummer, and a dazzlingly vibrant bass player. When we all get together it is quite the cool combo. We've played clubs all over Chicago. Some are paid gigs, some are not. The kick is to play.

We also have a digital download "This Car Available" that can be purchased at Whitewolfsonicprincess (wwsp) - This Car Available. It also can be streamed on Napster and Rhapsody. It's been available for awhile. We sell albums, our songs are streamed. Not a lot, but people are buying and listening. That is very cool.

Yesterday I found out that someone in the United Kingdom purchased "This Car Available," and it just made my freaking day. We sold an album in the UK! Someone took a flyer on us! I am so pleased. I wonder who it is? I hope they like it. I hope they load it on their iPod. I hope we are someone's personal soundtrack as they perambulate through the majestic byways of Albion! Someone out there on another continent found us and forked over a few Euros to give us a try! That is White Wolf Magic!

We've got no marketing budget, no promotion team, no manager, no publicist. It's all just a shoestring thing we do.

Still, one one of our songs was also selected to be featured on a Paris radio station. Ooh La La! And now it looks like one of our songs will be added to forthcoming Folk and Bluegrass compilation disc. Knock me over with a flower! Do it every hour!

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