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Vote Blue 2020

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Hippies are Coming!

Business is now in the business of going out of business.

People are buying less and are defaulting through no fault of their own.

Bankers are figuring out how not to loan any money to anyone.

Baseball players are not really baseball players, they are pharmacies.

The Titans of Capital are on the street begging for coin.

Joaquin Phoenix is giving up acting to become a Rap Star.

The Greedy Rich are starting to look like they might need a make-over.

Hippies are coming back!


  1. Gotta love Phoenix. Not his music necessarily, but his fearless blindfolded walk toward the cliff.

  2. nothing like falling off a stage in vegas to burnish your legend.

    one small step for phoenix, one great step for glory!

    doesn't the phoenix always rise from the ashes?!


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