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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Too Much Too Soon

Global System Shocks...

John Robb is one of the few people talking about the fundamental flaws of our interconnected global system. Robb tells us it's sort of like the New York Dolls second album.

Death by algorithm. An algorithm sitting on a computer somewhere in New York can instantly trigger a meltdown in Moscow and London. And then the human beings who designed the system scratch their over-loaded noggins and dither in the houses of debate.

We were worried about the avian flu, we were worried about a wayward meteor, we were worried about a planet without ice, and now we've been mugged by the SHADOW BANKING SYSTEM! Beware the Shadow Banker!

Too Big. Too Fast. Too Complex.

Our success is killing us. It's an old story. Happened to the Dolls first...

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