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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Torture Me!

Andrew Sullivan asks a pithy question:  

"Is it not a rather fantastic historical irony that the torture techniques that the North Vietnamese used against John McCain that forced him to offer a videotaped false confession...are now the techniques the Bush administration is using to gain 'intelligence' about terror networks.  How is it possible to know that everything John McCain once said on videotape for the enemy was false, because it was coerced, and yet assert that everything we toture out of terror suspects using exactly the same techniques, is true?"


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    This is absolute Bullshit. I flew 142 missions in Vietnam. Torture of POW's in Hanoi included false executions by fireing squads. One problem, sometimes they actually shot the prisoner. Also, baseball bats and dilocated shoulders, from hanging arms behind the back from the ceiling, were common practice. Cells were tiny with 4 men to each cell.

    I don't think water boarding is the same.

  2. If you read Retired General Taguba's report this sounds oh so familiar to what our torture regime is all about too. It's not just waterboarding. Seems to me one man's torture is another man's torture. No bullshit.


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